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Case Service Now
Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin Brasil has approximately 40 units throughout Brazil and the challenge was to implement a solution that could streamline processes and make the entire IT service area more efficient.
For this, Leroy Merlin Brasil contracted the Service Now solution and Fast Lane was responsible for implementing the incident, changes, problems, requests, knowledge base, satisfaction surveys and Service Portal modules with chat resources. In addition, authentication integrations were performed with the directory and monitoring solution.
In the implementation of the incident and request modules, all possible situations were surveyed, from mouse request to opening of software incidents. Workflows were created for approvals of all situations, as well as notifications for those responsible.
The Service Portal module was a very sensitive point of the project because in addition to being new as it is the evolution of the CMS, it is also the interface that the end user accesses to make their requests. In order to achieve the results expected by the customer, we carried out usability studies, built several layout prototypes to finally implement in the Service Now solution. mobile devices. This case was listed by ServiceNow for presentation at Gartner's DataCenter consulting event in 2017, as it is seen as an example of effective implementation.

Between 2018 and 2021, the Financial, HR, Supply Chain and Marketing areas were digitized. This digitization included the construction of forms, integrations with the ERP system and other platforms used by the company. The figure below shows a summary of current service volumes.

Multinational construction materials company present in Brazil since 1998.


Testimony of the IT Manager Marcelo Correa:

“I had already heard about Service Now from a friend of mine who uses the solution at Wal Mart. When I called the staff to talk here, we still had many questions regarding catalogues, workflows, etc. Little by little, with the workshops, we were able to clarify these doubts and, together with Fast Lane, we were able to assemble the catalogs, workflows and everything else .
One point that was fundamental for the project's success was the Portal, as we needed the adoption of our people. It couldn't be a complicated interface for the user to make a request. It was a lot of work, if I'm not mistaken we did about 10 prototype versions of the portal before reaching the final version. But it was worth it. Today we have a very large adoption of the tool by employees, which made our interaction with the rest of the company much more efficient.” 

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