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Case Service Now - automation
Hypera Pharma


National drug manufacturer - Scheduling Automation Project


Control the availability of scheduling physical meeting rooms and for video conferencing, especially when they involve external participants who will connect using platforms such as Zoom or Teams. The process was all manual, involving e-mail, room management by assistants and setting up conferences manually via call to the IT area. 
High error rate.


Create an intuitive , easy-to-use, mobile-accessible solution that eliminates the need for manual schedule control by secretaries and technical configuration by IT staff. 


  • Creation of a form for requesting/modifying/cancelling requests for meetings/videoconferences/webinars.

  • Control room capacity and usage profile (Employee/Third Party/Management).

  • Integration via API of platforms: Polycom (video conferencing physical rooms), Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  • Schedule sent by the Platform.

  • Control of allocation/removal of Zoom licenses in the solution.


Single flow orchestrated and controlled by ServiceNOW.

100% of activities performed without manual intervention.

Requests handled in seconds securely and without fail.

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